Science 2 Final - Monday, Dec 8 (Main Lecture)

You all voted to have the final early so the announced date will be Monday Dec 8th. You will need a T & E 200 form.

Since the final exam will be early and I want everyone to have time to study for it, I will not assign the last assignment which is the letter to self part 2 and award everyone the points for it.

I am including in an attachment the Student Codes of Conduct for SJSU. Study it, it will be on the final along with questions from MT 1,2,3.

  • SJSU Student Code of Conduct (Fall 2013) -- PDF
  • You must know also what sanctions are and the differences in the types of sanctions that can be enacted against (probation, suspension, expulsion) you for violating the campus codes of conduct. Student study the sanction page located at:

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