Welcome to San Jose State University!

Welcome to your first semester at San Jose State University! We hope that your first week of school is going well. This website is designed to be supplemental to what is learned in class, so make sure to bookmark it!

  • Greensheet and Assignments: Fall 2016
  • Class Schedule: Fall 2016
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Time Management Calendar (Fall 2016) and Weekly Planner
Current Resources
  • Dr. Jennifer Anderson: Babies: Got to Love 'em! Lecture
  • Dr. Michael Sneary: Nature Vs. Nurture Lecture
  • Dr. Elaine Collins: Cognitive Psychology Lecture
  • Research Paper Presentation (w/ Audio)
  • Lit. Review & In-Text Citations Presentation
  • Dr. Jan English-Lueck: Anthropology Lecture
  • Dr. Bob Cooper: Learning & Memory Lecture
  • Identity and Culture Presentation (Dr. Jan English-Lueck)
  • Dr. Bob Cooper: Cognitive Development Lecture Video and Slides
Upcoming Assignments and Dates
  • First Day of Classes
  • Debate Paper 1 Due:
  • Annotated Bibliography I due
  • Grade Check 1 due
  • Pathways Assignment due
Upcoming Events
  • There are no upcoming events