Science 2/90T Peer Advisor Applications

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Advisor next semester?! Applications are now online! Fill out the application (link below) to be considered. For more information about the Peer Advisor position, please read the full description, composed by Michael Randle, below. Applications are due by April 11th at 11:59PM

Peer Advisor Application (Google form)

" Dear former Science 2 and Science 90T students,

We'd like to invite you to apply for a Science 2 or Science 90T Peer Advisor position. These positions are subject to funding in the fall and are offered from semester to semester depending on our budget. If you apply you are applying to be part of a pool from which we will select PAs for the FA 14 semester and hopefully the academic year 2014-15. We will not know about the Sp until during winter break 2014.

The applications are due by April 11th and interviews will be held during the following week ONLY IF you are contacted back by us. (the email will have all the details of meeting location, time, ect.)

The job pays $11 per hour and has a flexible schedule M-F between 8:30-6pm depending on your schedule. To qualify for the position you must have taken and passed either Science 2 or Science 90T with a B or A grade, be in good academic standing, and have patience. You must have strong communication skills and a desire to be of service to your fellow students. You must also work well in and with groups, be able to keep a clean and neat work area, and be able to comprehend and follow a variety of directions. You must also be able to adjust to a constantly changing work environment. You must be extremely careful with your work as you are grading and keeping the grades of others and be able to keep information confidential. In order to assess your work style some of you will have an opportunity to work an upcoming Sci 2 and Sci 90T event to celibrate student success. We will need various shifts so keep that in mind for the interview. Participating is not mandatory to getting the job however it will give the current PAs and staff an opportunity to observe how well you work with others and follow instructions/directions and how well you work in a team environment on an actual event/project.

Good luck and we look forward to having you as one of the new PAs next fall."

-Michael Randle

Science 2 Not in Session

Science 2 is not offered in the Spring semester. However, the site is fully functional and all downloads / reference materials are still available for your convenience. If you are looking for the Science 90T website, please follow the link below.

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